About our Portrait logo The Portrait logo is a picture of our handsome boy Harrison who was born with Tuberous Sclerosis complex or TSC. TSC is a little known genetic disorder that comes with a multitude of issues. The very nature of TSC means no two cases are the same.
One thing though that most patients with TSC have in common, is epilepsy.

Our inspiration, Harrison tackles life head on, showing bravery where most adults would crumble. Throughout all of his trials and challenges, he has a smile and a hug for any who would receive it.

About our Key logo The key in our logo represents unlocking the potential, that lies hidden in all of us. As parents of a child with challenges we understand how important it is to take the time to unlock these hidden
abilities that often sadly get dismissed.

The colour purple shows our support for the epilepsy community, and the wave symbol in the heart has become the adopted symbol by the TSC community, to represent the daily struggles and triumphs of people with TSC. The slogan “taking one wave at a time” has become the mantra for so many.

Understanding this drives our advocacy and guiding principle, that every person is unique, just as every persons abilities are unique.



All staff at Access Ability Services are qualified and have obtained a minimum Cert III in relevant health fields.

Access Ability Services are proud of their staff and the level of quality training achieved. With that in mind Access Ability Services maintains staff certification and training. Holding regular in house training and refresher courses, staff are kept up to date with current laws, regulations, procedures and relevant Australian legislation.


Sam has been in the disability field for 7 years. In this time Sam has grown a passion for advocacy and giving a voice to those who all too often go unheard.

Around 3 years into his career Sam was blessed with the birth of a 3rd child. A son named Harrison, who was born with a genetic disorder. This gave Sam a unique perspective from “both sides of the coin” as it were, in regards to navigating disability services, NDIS and the world in general.

Sam’s course was set in the stars and in April of 2019, Access Abilities was born. Sam uses his unique perspectives, combined with a passion for care, to create a unique, person centered experience for all members of the AAS team!

Sam considers all members of the AAS team, whether staff or participant, as family. This can be seen in Sams friendly, flexible and understanding approach.

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